Quilt Starter Packs

Each pack has an assortment of Fat Sixteenths picked especially for the quilt.  Fabric pieces are approximately 10" x 11" in size.  These packs are re-cut when needed but will always be chosen in keeping with my original quilt choices.

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Morning Patch Quilt Pack

This is a complete pack for my Morning Patch quilt.  It contains 65 pieces each 5" x 14" approx.  Each piece will make one quilt block.    When ordering this pack, the pattern is complimentary.


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Sarah Wistar Starter Pack

This is a starter pack for the Sarah Wistar Quilt by Megan Carroll.  In it are 64 x Fat 1/16ths.  This to get you started on your version of Megan's Sarah Wistar quilt ~ add more fabrics from your stash in each of the colourways.


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